Monday, 5 September 2016


M has man flu so I'm coming down with a cold.
Over the weekend he coughed sneezed and sniffled his way through the days while I walked 10 miles on Saturday and then started to feel congested on Sunday. Today I'm still a bit congested but also coughing and sneezing occasionally. Which, if I was a man, would have me predicting my imminent demise.
This morning I walked to the library and Tesco where I bought several items of junk and had a mini binge, for which I am blaming the cold. Obviously my body was demanding carbs so that it could fight off infection. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. 
Later I would have liked to go back out but had to stay in for a gas engineer who was coming to check that the gas boiler and hob were safe to use. Apparently they are, so that was a relief. Shortly after that M got home from work and the suffering started. I might sound unsympathetic... I do, don't I? But I think colds bring out the bitch in me simply because they're so damned noisy. I could be a total angel of mercy if he had a nice quiet broken bone or something... Sigh. I guess my sniffle is down to Karma.


  1. Oh, dear. :-( Thinking of you.
    J xxx

  2. When your body is antibody building you often feel rotten feed yourself well drink plenty and who knows you might win this one.