Monday, 19 September 2016

Another Monday

Well, I had a rubbish Saturday and an ok Sunday. That's enough about the weekend I think.
Last night I forgot to take my antidepressant which was very naughty and probably contributed to a very patchy nights sleep with weird dreams and restlessness. As possibly did the beer I drank yesterday.
I got up at the normal time today and inhaled a gallon of coffee before anything else. Then I trained for 40 slow and gentle minutes on the climber (I was aching all over all weekend from carrying / dragging heavy crap around on Friday and didn't want to overdo things - but did want to get my muscles working).
Today was the dreaded hair cut day - about 2 weeks overdue if you want to insist on being accurate. Last time I had it done there was a screaming toddler telling the whole solar system how much he/she/it didn't want to be there but today it was weirdly quiet and I was actually the only customer till almost the end - it was great, though not enough to make up for the hair cut experience itself.
In addition to the training I walked about 4 miles today - rather boring as it was just to the library and Tesco, and on my second walk I got rained on which was lovely. At least it gave me a solid excuse to not mow the lawn.
I also watched a really good movie - The Theory of Everything. Wow, just wow, Eddie Redmayne was absolutely incredible as Stephen Hawking and I cried buckets throughout (possibly partly because of the forgotten antidepressant last night) All in all not a bad day apart from being really hungry all day after the training - but I didn't binge. I just fantasized about devouring an entire gluten free carrot cake. And didn't.

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  1. Well done, then. It is really extremely hard to keep the control when you're feeling like that!
    J xxx