Wednesday, 14 September 2016

And again....

At 5am it was 22 degrees in my house. How can that be? Why oh why???

I still managed to train this morning. I'm horrified by my current level of fitness mind you - considering how much I walk. But it does prove what 'they' say is true - fitness is so specific.

I hid indoors with the curtains shut for most of the day. I did pop out to Tesco and still the time was planning to follow that by mowing the lawn - but didn't because by the time I got back into was a puddle of sweat and no longer cared about the shaggy grass. I'm drinking water by the gallon and praying for a cold wet day at the moment. Unfortunately tomorrow is due to be more of the same but I have to go out in the morning to collect my new pair of glasses so I won't be able to follow my inclination to just stay in the shower. All day. Ah well... Winter is coming (probably)

1 comment:

  1. :-) How true and then we will be complaining that it is too cold, wet, dull, etc!
    It really was baking hot, wasn't it. Not nice.
    J x