Friday, 26 August 2016

Still too hot, but not as bad...

I did indeed have a very lazy day yesterday after overdoing things on Wednesday. I made it to the library but it wiped me out and I didn't mow the lawn. It's quite possible that I still haven't mowed the lawn... But I did 2 lots of laundry. And a little shopping.
I spent a lot of the day fighting to stay awake as I'm still sleeping about as well as always. I did do another segment of my Ancient Greeks online course as well so I wasn't completely unproductive... I didn't manage to last through a 33 minute lecture on Real estate investment for the other course though... I spent an hour in a cold bath in the afternoon. It was so good... It was a struggle to persuade myself to get out if I'm honest, I was so much more comfortable.
Tomorrow I'm going to visit my Mum for the day. Naturally showers are forecast and for a change I'm hoping that the forecast is correct. Not that we walk a lot these days as my mum has a problem hip and her OH how two dodgy knees. I've taken a Nytol and hope to get some more sleep today.

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  1. Productivity is always comparable - you are not unproductive, just differently productive < smiles >
    Hope you slept OK
    J x