Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Probably day 10

No job update I'm afraid :-(
This morning I woke up, annoyingly, at 3. But weirdly I woke up all motivated and on most fronts it was a good day...
1) not only no binge, not only no overeating, but a perfect weight loss food day
2) 20 minutes interval training on the climber 
3) 2 walks, not miles and miles, but getting out and moving around 
The only cloud in the sky - apart from no job update - I have some upper back / neck pain this evening. Hopefully my ergonomic pillow will sort it out tonight.
And tonight will be an early one as my poor sleep last night is catching up with me....


  1. Waking at three is too early, even for me! Hoping yopu have slept well.
    J x

  2. yopu????? I mean 'you' of course!

  3. That sounds like a good day! Get some sleep.