Thursday, 25 August 2016


I don't know about you, but I found yesterday horrible. The BBC said the top temp was due to be 28 but I have absolutely no doubt it was hotter than that. It didn't stop us being out and about but both my brother and I suffered the consequences a bit later on.
In the morning we walked to Ascot and around the High Street a bit- about 4 or 5 miles I think. It was all alongside a busyish A road so we waited till just after the rush hour to start off, mainly because he slept badly during the night and then slept in. I think it would have been better to start out before the rush hour, and if I do it again I'll probably leave around 7, then if necessary camp out in a coffee shop till other shops start to open. Because we were so hot we took a train most of the way home then popped into a Tesco for some lunch makings (I had sushi for the first time in ages and enjoyed the change)
In the afternoon we went into town so he could treat himself to an ipod shuffle, and then collapsed at home watching 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown reruns until we cooled off a bit. That's when my brother got a bit sick and had to drink some salty water to rehydrate. I realised that I'd forgotten something when at Tesco earlier and went back out, leaving him lying down in front of a fan, and that was my big mistake - when I got back I felt pretty awful too, although a drink did set me to rights quite quickly. We'd both smothered our visible skin in suncream so there was no burning, just (for me anyway) a short term yuckiness. But I had managed to walk 10 miles in total so I guess it's not surprising it took some toll.
He headed for home around 9pm and I collapsed into bed as soon as he left. I woke up around 3 am but surprisingly still feel fairly well rested, possibly because I just lay in bed reading a book instead of going through the frustration and stress of lying there trying to get back to sleep and clock watching.
Today I'm hoping to mow the lawn (it rained briefly last night but I don't think enough to make it a nightmare of a job) and go to the library but apart from that I plan to take it much more easily since I know from past experience that even if you think you've recovered that sort of feeling can come back and bite you if you're not careful. I enjoyed the day a lot so I'm not sorry we did any of it - just wish the weather had been a little more co-operative


  1. My outdoor thermometer hit 37.8 at lunch time it was a real killer.

  2. Local reports said 35 here. Watering the allotment was a trial and a half.

    Maybe the beeb was averaging?
    J x

  3. Sounds like you both suffered a bit of heat exhaustion. Hope you feel better! We are in the middle 90s here, which I think is around 34-35 Celsius. I feel your pain!