Monday, 29 August 2016

Nice quiet Bank Holiday weekend

On Saturday I visited my Mum, and we had a lovely chatty relaxing day. We didn't go anywhere because the weather forecast was dodgy and also I was feeling lazy. Apart from popping out for a pub lunch. 
Driving home again I passed through a torrential downpour at one point with hardly any visibility but most of the day, in the end, regardless of the forecast, was mainly overcast yet dry, so we probably could have gone out... but sometimes it's nice to visit the house you grew up in, which still feels like home, and just sit and chat and feel at home - right?
Sunday I did very little again, just a short walk to Tesco followed by watching the movie Goosebumps - silly but fun :-)
Today was a day of TV watching, reading, and again just a short walk to Tesco. I now feel relatively relaxed and revived - hopefully I'll sleep ok tonight and not lose all that :-)


  1. I agree - I love visiting my parents and having a good chat with them. Very restful and relaxing.
    J x

  2. My parents have been in their home for 54 years. It's always relaxing to sit and visit in my childhood home.