Friday, 12 August 2016

Interview and stuff

I was ridiculously nervous this morning when I realised that this was the first face to face interview I'd had for about 4 years due to several jobs arising from phone interviews and going back to the same company several times. I don't know why I was more nervous about that than a phone interview but a part of it was probably all the hassle around having to drive to a new place. Because I don't trust traffic ever I allowed an hour and a quarter for a 40 minute journey - and arrived over half an hour early. The office is in a really nice position backing on to a very well maintained and used canal - possibility of nice lunchtime walks if I get offered the job, which I should find out about on Monday. The job sounds OK, possibly high pressure but for so short a time it doesn't matter much.
My new interview suit fit well but was far too warm for such a hot day. When I got back home afterwards I had a quick lunch before going for a short walk - I wanted to go further but it was just too hot and humid. 
Food today was good, not much exercise and I confess I had a little whisky as a reward for making it to my interview. But I also finished week 1 of the Financial Markets course so my day was... Mostly good.


  1. Thanks for letting us know and I'm glad you felt it was an OK job, in the short term, at last.
    J x

  2. Good for you hope the job works out to be something you enjoy