Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hot again

Today I had a delivery to wait in for - due between 12:30 and 16:30. As it was furniture I had to hump some of our current furniture around to make room for the assembly - and I'm choosing to call that weight lifting. For a change i didn't let the delivery keep me penned indoors! I managed two short walks in the morning plus mowing the lawn, and another short walk after the delivery arrived at 15:00. Because of the heat and humidity they were very short walks - the whole lot combined to 6.3 miles. Still worth it though!
No news on the job front - no jobs to apply for and no feedback on the one yesterday.
Also in the morning I tried to make a treat for M in the baked goods arena. It was a disaster and ended up in the bin. Luckily I know where I went wrong and plan to try again tomorrow - if it works out I'll post a photo. If not I'll keep trying (despite the waste of ingredients) until it works out. And then I'll post a photo.

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