Wednesday, 31 August 2016


After reading Diane's comment I'm typing this while hiding under the bed in case of bird eating spiders... Thanks for tonight's nightmares :-)
No sign of the spider today but I did hear a mysterious crash earlier that could have been an armchair getting thrown at the wall and there was no one home but me....
The true horror today was housework. The hoovering and scrubbing bathrooms wasn't the worst, in fact the worst was technically outside the house... I realised (several weeks ago) that the tenant before us clearly didn't use my 'pouring cooking fat into a jar and binning it' approach to maintaining the plumbing. This was clear from the fatberg in the drain outside my kitchen window. I tried using a drain unblocker but the mess just laughed at it so I ended up hacking at it with a knife and lifting out the chunks. I may have thrown up a little in my mouth. I wouldn't mind if it had been my mess (well I would, but less so) but having to do it because he couldn't be bothered is kind of galling. Blech bleurgh. One of the worst things about renting houses is realising that even my decidedly unhouseproud standards are way way way more demanding than most tenants...

Apart from that I went to the library and Tesco. I'm currently alternate day egg fasting with a low carb diet on the other days and I keep underestimating how many eggs I need. Tomorrow I'm going to be 35 again and it's made me feel a sense of urgency about the weight loss. But since its not the first, second, or even 5th time of being 35 the results aren't really reflecting my efforts. I'm not giving up though, even if it is 30000000 times harder than it was when I was actually 35....

Oh yeah, no job yet. And tomorrow I have an eye test booked so that should be fun.


  1. Urgh - I share your disgust. How nasty!
    J x

  2. Sorry to wind you up Chrissie I hope it didn't really give you nightmares.