Monday, 15 August 2016

Didn't get the job...

Ah well... Apparently they were prepared to offer it to me when they discovered a past employee was available. If that's true they would've been daft to lose his experience for an unknown... So no nice walks along the toll path just yet. I have another iron in the fire now though I'm not relying on anything.
Before I found out I didn't get the job this morning I spent some time on housework in case I got it and they wanted an early start. M's parents are visiting at the weekend so I didn't want to risk not having time to do it properly - although if I'd known I was likely to be off all week I would have left it till the end of the week, now I'll have to do a freshener on Thursday.
After the housework and rejection email I took a walk to the library for a change. I meant to take a second walk in the afternoon but it was too damned hot and humid so I stayed in and read my library books instead. I finished week 2 of my online courses yesterday so I took a day off today.
My exercise was obviously lacking again today but my food was good - I'm feeling better about my eating generally, especially when I lost several hours sleep last night and didn't eat for short term energy boosting.

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  1. Oh, what a shame. So near and yet so far! Well done for managing it so well though.
    J x