Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Attack of the killer spider

The most exciting things that happened today was early this morning when I walked towards the kitchen door after breakfast and was stopped in my tracks by the sight of the biggest spider I ever saw in the hall. We both stood there trying to stare each other out for a while... I think it planned to trap me in the kitchen all day but I was armed with a large book and after I waved the book at it a few times it made a dash for the study and vanished under a filing cabinet (I'm pretty sure I saw the cabinet lift up in the air as it squeezed under there... Seriously, we're talking big big spider)
The creepy thing is I think it's still under there waiting until I lower my guard and then.... well, let's just say that I don't plan to miss any posts this week so if I disappear I'm probably stuck in a Web up in the attic and you should call out the army....
Apart from that little drama my morning consisted of a hot sweaty trip to the post box while the sun rose,

A hotter sweatier trip to the Library (sorry librarians), a long overdue mowing of the lawn - which was horrendous and I almost wished the spider would come out so I could harness it to the mower while I stayed in the shade - and week 4 of the Financial Markets course on coursera. Apparently I get my best scores on the end of week quizzes if I watch the video while playing candy crush. I don't know why but it could just be I fall asleep less that way. I also did half of week 4 of the Ancient Greeks course (that one I have to actually watch, listen and think about if I want to score well, guessing at the answers doesn't work as well)
A little housework was done as well, not too much because I went a bit wobbly after the mowing and felt that was a good enough excuse to choose more sedentary activities for the rest of the day. These activities included TV and peanut butter.


  1. Well done on the mowing - that can be seriously hard work!
    J x

  2. If you think you have seen a big spider think again we had bird eating spiders in Nigeria now they really are big:)

  3. Eek! Hope the spider vacates or comes out long enough for you to smash it