Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Why oh why???

Yeah. So. I did binge yesterday. Full on binge at lunchtime followed by pizza and beer in the evening.
I wish I knew why I do that to myself. Almost everything I ate was stuffed with gluten (apart from the chocolate) and now I have diarrhoea and general buyer's remorse. 
I am definitely a work in (no) progress. 

Back on the wagon today. 

I wasn't up to training this morning thanks to the dodgy tummy. Or walking, for the same reason. Yes, I could take imodium or something but I'm in favour of my body being able to clear out the toxins I force fed it ASAP so I won't do that lightly.
I had a larger breakfast than normal today in hopes that being very full would discourage eating out of boredom or guilt. I'll see how that goes through the morning. I also cleared the cash from my purse so that I can't use the vending machine.
Back to the beginning again...


  1. I think boredom is the bottom line (or one of them anyway) and I have no suggestions for hat because it is not as if you can pick up a good book or whatever when you're at work.

  2. Don't beat yourself up we all fall off the wagon from time to time you are winning more than you are loosing and that is progress