Thursday, 14 July 2016


I didn't binge yesterday so that was good. I totally agree, Joy, boredom is a major binge trigger for me - as is letting myself get too hungry, depression, anxiety and the abundant presence of binge triggering foods. Basically I'd be fine if I was shut in a small room with no refined carbs sitting around, with a TV and a big pile of books, and no worries about jobs, money, politics or health.
Anyone know of a job like that?
I took a short walk after work yesterday to pick up a repeat prescription from the clinic. I wasn't very happy to discover that I had an aching back quite soon on the walk - it's been stopping me training for a few days but I always expect to be able to walk without discomfort, particularly on walks of under about 3 miles. Weather permitting I plan to get the prescription filled at lunchtime today, a similar length of walk, so I'll hope it won't be as painful. The BBC says it will be sunny all morning and sunny intervals from lunchtime on, so it will probably be pouring with rain.
Today I had another quite big breakfast and again left my cash behind. I don't really want to eat that much at breakfast - especially immediately before getting in the car to drive 41 miles - but it's worth it if it helps. If it helps... We'll see. I'd also be happier not having to clear out my purse, but that definitely does help, so I'll have to suck it up.
Well, another boring days work awaits me...


  1. Let me know if you find a job like that - I'll sign up!

  2. If only you are battling hard I hope you are proud of yourself