Thursday, 7 July 2016

Thursday at home

I worked from home today so that I could get my car serviced - I arranged to get it collected and returned to the house so I could still fit in a full day's work. I can't help feeling it's a good thing as something weird happened after work yesterday and it hasn't cleared yet. I was fine all the way home including my detour to buy the totally essential coffee beans, but once I got home I got suddenly clumsier and more stupid than usual and I've no idea why. I was dropping or knocking over everything I touched, spilling things all over the place, and managed to blend the blade in my mini blender by somehow accidentally dropping it into my magimix along with some broccoli and cauliflower I wanted to puree for soup. It was extreme tiredness I guess, though it's weird that it just hit after I'd been fine all day at work. I decided to skip yoga and I fell asleep before 8 - unheard of! This morning I woke up stupidly early because I went to bed so early and skipped training because I felt so groggy and heavy. I only took a short walk after work and never stopped feeling tired - I think my sleep is poor at the moment because of the heat and humidity at night. 
At least I didn't try to eat myself awake....though I might have if I'd been in the office as someone brought cake in. I swear this is the worst office I've ever worked in for that - if everyone isn't at least pre-diabetic I don't know why...
And I'm not finding any jobs to apply to so that I can escape either. Goddamn it.

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  1. Is that the main problem - too much cake - or is it the work as well?
    Hoping you have slept well overnight.
    J xxx