Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Still too damned hot

I worked from home again today and barely left the house because of the unbearable heat. I did pop to the library and Tesco at lunchtime - about 2 miles - but I didn't enjoy it much given the temperature. 
Still no desire to binge at all - possibly the lack of crap in the house helps with that, but then I did walk around Tesco without feeling the urge. Even though I was shattered after about 4 hours sleep last night. I was partly struggling with the heat and humidity but I also managed to walk into a side table before bed and badly bruising my little toe - and every time I turned over and my toe rubbed against the bed sheet it instantly woke me up again. What an idiot! Moral of the story - if walking into a dark room, turn on the damn light and watch where you're going... Come to think of it, maybe that was another reason I didn't enjoy my lunchtime walk...

1 comment:

  1. I've done that and oh, my goodness, doesn't it hurt. Tears to the eyes is an understatement. Deepest sympathies.