Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My new least favourite day

I've always hated Mondays but now I'm feeling like Wednesday might be worse... It always seems like a really long day and like it's been 134577 days since the weekend. Today is even worse because this morning we ran out of coffee beans.... the horror! Today I actually feel a passionate desperate desire to be curled up in bed with a bottle (yes - bottle not glass) of whisky and a good book. However that is not an option.
Before I discovered the calamitous disaster of the missing coffee beans I trained again. I doubt if I would have had the strength had I realised I could only have one proper cup of coffee afterwards... Once I did realise I had no choice but to go to work before our local Tesco opened, so as soon as I reached the office I started trying to find beans in the village. The convenience store didn't have any and nor did The Bakery Of Doom (even though they sell freshly brewed coffee made with a bean to cup machine) and those were my only early morning options. Then I was let down by the garden centre farm shop and the other convenience store. Apparently these philistines use only roast and ground coffee. Now all I can do is make a pitstop on the way home from work - that being the case, I'll be stunned if the motorway isn't blocked for several hours this evening. How on earth did I manage to run out of coffee???
On the plus side all the manic racing from shop to shop meant I walked 3 miles in addition to training (and in case you wondered, despite entering every shop in the village while armed with my purse, I didn't even want to binge!!!)
When I got back into the office I was hurriedly eating my lunch when I inhaled a piece of meat (spicy meat at that) and basically almost choked to death. My throat was burning from the spices as well as the choking, I had tears pouring down my face, I couldn't stop coughing, my nose was running.... I'm so glamorous and poised all the time it would make you sick ;-D


  1. Oh god have I been there

  2. OK, so this time buy two bags and tuck one away out of sight! What a disaster!
    J x