Monday, 11 July 2016

Monday moaning

This morning (if you can call it that) I woke up around 2, lay awake for ages, then dozed off lightly just in time to almost sleep through my alarm. So it's probably not surprising that I was in the shower before I woke up enough to remember that I'd intended to train. So I skipped training this morning. Again.
Must get into the habit properly, I want to be in a position where I sleep walk down to the climber when I'm not really conscious rather than into the shower.
Anyway. It's Monday so by definition I'm depressed. I found no jobs to apply for and no one gave me a million pounds over the weekend so I'm back at work. And while technically I'm aware that very few people want to go to work, and many people dislike their jobs, I'm pretty sure it's worse for me. Because.
As I was driving to the office this morning feeling fed up already I wondered briefly if perhaps a fruit danish the size of my head would cheer me up. Remarkably I concluded that it wouldn't, because I'd still be going to my crappy job on a Monday morning and it was that, not the lack of a fruit danish, making me feel so cheerful. So I didn't bother, which is a win anyway. So long as I manage to keep thinking that way through lunchtime as well of course.
I experimented with some new recipes at the weekend - a delicious kimchi and pork belly soup (very pungent), a lovely Thai chicken soup and a recipe for something called Cuban Picadillo. I also tried making yoghurt with skimmed milk and milk powder but (I think) used too much milk powder as it thickened up but acquired a slightly gummy texture that I'm not exactly loving. So far the full fat version is very much my favourite though I'll try again for the fat free version next weekend for my diet's sake.


  1. I hope your day gets better, Chrissie

  2. Use semi-skimmed as a sort of compromise, maybe.
    J x