Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Miracles do happen

I didn't notice this until quite late yesterday but hearing the 'bad' news about my contract switched off my desire to binge :-D
OK it could just be that I sickened myself on all the crap I ate last week, but I prefer to believe that I was bingeing because I was miserable working there and now I don't have to for much longer I feel better without the need for comfort foods.
My eating yesterday was angelic. I didn't get any more exercise after my morning walk because it would have been like trying to walk in a sauna (and because of the back pain of course) but that didn't bother me much either. 
This morning I decided to work from home - lying on the sofa to be exact - and went for a very gentle 3 mile walk before starting work. Amazing what a difference not having to drive 40 miles makes to the morning. I hoped to go back out at lunchtime despite the heat - after all I could shower and change or sit around sweaty without having anyone else to consider - but it was so uncomfortable I decided against it in the end. Instead I did laundry and made mayonnaise which I suppose was more productive. I haven't made mayo for weeks, looking forward to egg mayo and tuna mayo :-)
So all in all, feeling much much happier today. Now all I need is to get another job (a better paid, more convenient, less stressful job of course) fairly quickly...


  1. I just switched to working from home full time from driving 35 miles each way back and forth to work. So excited to not have a commute anymore!

  2. good luck with the job hunt and glad you are pleased to be moving on