Monday, 25 July 2016

I'm free!!!

My last day at work was a bit weird. I was busy all day - which should not be the case when you've been told that you're not needed. In fact they were at panic stations trying to get a lot of work done very quickly, and I helped as much as I could just so that the day would pass more quickly. Over the weekend I was a bit up and down in my spirits - Saturday especially was kind of emotional. Yet I didn't binge - wasn't even tempted. I did a little walking both days and M collected his new motorbike from the showroom on Saturday - that was about all that happened. 
And so to today. My first unemployed day was kind of weird, frustrating and ultimately painful. I had made up a list of chores to get done this week, planning to do something every day and still have time to enjoy some of my time off. But this morning, after doing a rather belated house tidy, I discovered that I couldn't connect to the Internet - and I didn't manage to until after lunch. So instead of going for a leisurely walk in the morning I mowed the lawn and spent hours hitting the connect button on my network preferences, swearing and threatening to destroy all the computer hardware in the house. 
I then walked to the hairdressers for a trim (should have happened two weeks ago). After lunch I went to the library and Tesco, and then later realised I'd forgotten to get lettuce for a salad I was planning for this evening so I went back again. All in all I walked just under 6.5 miles (including the lawn mowing) and was quite pleased with that.
I always find that the repetitive motions of hoovering or mowing (or mopping floors) make my back ache. Yes, I know that sounds like an excuse to get out of housework, but it's not. That's why I originally planned to hoover today, mow tomorrow or Wednesday, and take things easy. I should have stuck to that plan because by about 3 this afternoon I had to take a coolish bath to try to relax it a bit - which helped for a while and then wore off. Hopefully it will sort itself out over night.... Right now? It hurts quite a lot. Quite a lot.

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  1. :-( I find ibuprofen or paracetamol helps the aches quite a lot. Hope today is easier!
    J xxx