Sunday, 3 July 2016

Friday & Saturday

No, I didn't binge on Friday, I didn't sulk and pout and refuse to post because I hate everything either. I realised early on Friday morning that there was a particular reason for feeling so crappy the day before and that reason was the development of a full blown migraine from what I thought was just a persistent nagging headache. It's been years since I had a migraine that followed the pattern of a full week of headaches till the day my head exploded, so that's my excuse for not working it out sooner.
So Friday was a day of lying in bed while someone tried to chisel out my brain alternated with an overwhelming desire to throw up everything I'd ever eaten. Lying in a darkened room with an eye mask on most of the time. Feeling sorry for myself all the time. I bet you wish I'd managed to post while all this joy was fresh don't you???
By Friday evening the migraine pills had finally hammed things into a manageable level and I was starving so we ordered a takeaway and then I went back to bed.
Saturday I woke up feeling human again - at least enough to eat three normal meals (no snacks) and walk 5 miles (it would have been more but the weather, and some necessary chores, got in the way). I did manage to hurt my back by going slightly insane at the library and borrowing about 12 books that I then had to carry home, but that just meant I had plenty to read while lying flat and cursing every time I moved. So far it isn't hurting today though.
Now I'm hoping for decent weather today so I can get out for another ok walk. The forecast looks ok, but it did yesterday too, so I don't have much faith in it.

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  1. Feeling very sorry for you but glad that it is now receding. Take care
    J xxx