Thursday, 2 June 2016


Another cold grey morning so once again I didn't go far a walk before work. I suppose I should be grateful to the rubbish weather for removing all temptation to leave the building at the moment.
I had a bit of a fright at work this morning. I was brought in to fill the gap left by a tester leaving the company, and due to a change in the fortunes of his new company he is no longer leaving - or not for a couple of months at least. I haven't been told that this will affect my contract but he's worked here for about 7 years and knows the systems backwards so I wouldn't be surprised if I don't end up working here till December as expected. I'll just hope that the job market improves once the votes have been counted in the referendum this month and I can find something more local if this job is cut short. And I will NOT miss the drive home (now I've thought of a silver lining I've just guaranteed it will last 6 months and I'll be offered an extension...)
I didn't go out at lunchtime because I wasn't feeling very satisfied by my diet friendly lunch. I've been trying to remember what sort of things I did at this stage last time I was trying to lose weight as I don't remember being particularly hungry or energetic, but everything I think of isn't practical now - eating massive bowls of all brands for breakfast for instance, pretty much fibre + gluten and it did me no favours in terms of the bathroom... Every time I think of a possible snack or meal I rush to enter it into myfitnesspal for future logging and some of the time it doesn't prove ridiculously calorific / carborific.... How much do you suppose I wish I was better at maintaining? Ah well, I'm only thinking about food roughly 17 hours out of every day...

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  1. Hope the job situation works out for you. I don't missing the uncertainly of contract work anymore. I don't do well with the unknown!