Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I admit I crumbled before the onslaught of baked goods yesterday and ate far too much - but do did everyone else, so I felt more normal rather than ridiculously out of control - particularly as I then didn't eat anything else yesterday because I wasn't hungry. I think indulging in home baked goodies you can't find in the shops is not as bad as uncontrollably bingeing on the kind of preservative-laden mass produced crap I usually choose anyway.
After work yesterday I walked to the doctor (so I also got a 3.5 mile walk in) and told him that I just couldn't tolerate the side effects of the pills I was on. He was thisclose to putting me back on the Citalopram but I cut that off sharpish by telling him that also caused (slower) weight gain as well as insomnia so he gave me a prescription for yet another new antidepressant. Unfortunately as my appointment was at 18:30 all the in-town pharmacies were closed so I haven't yet been able to pick them up - I plan to go at lunchtime. He assured me they were less likely to cause weight gain so fingers crossed they agree with me :-)
No walk before work due to a persistent heavy drizzle that accompanied me all the way to work. Lunchtime a short walk to the pharmacy is all I'm likely to have time for as most pharmacies I go to seem to constantly assure you it will be two minutes before keeping you waiting at least 15. I realised on the way home from my appointment that the doctor gave me no advice on weaning myself off the current pills this time so I guess I'll try the half dose daily for a week approach he recommended last time.
I've been reading up on the subject this morning and discovered that the appetite increase side effect is so pronounced that this drug is actually prescribed as an appetite stimulant to people who are significantly underweight due to eating disorders!!! It's also well documented as specifically increasing carb cravings! Wonderful choice of drug there doc, thanks a bundle... Something to be aware of if you are offered a prescription for mirtrazapine, guys....


  1. Well no one can accuse you of not trying - what have you done to anger the gods so!!! May I suggest that you speak to the pharmacist who will know a lot more about the drugs than the doctor. Right I am off to wash my mouth out with soap:)

  2. LOL @ Diane!
    Well done for putting your foot down, Chrissie - fi9ngers are crossed that these will suit you better.

    J x

  3. Oh, I hope your new medications work better for you, Chrissie!