Thursday, 9 June 2016


Yesterday went really well food-wise and I do think that the protein shake helped, so I had one again today. 
What didn't go great yesterday was my drive home - fuel to unexplained traffic jams, a JCB that shouldn't have been on the road during rush hour and a torrential rain shower that brought traffic to a standstill it took me an hour and a half to get home yesterday. I was knackered and stressed when I reached the house and had a beer to wind down. Only one though.
Today I stopped being constipated and feel much better as a result. However my back/left shoulder is still very painful and I almost wish I could put on a sling to support the weight of my left arm to ease the pain. I'm counting the days to my doctors appointment on Monday...
I didn't walk before work today but weather permitting hope to do so tomorrow. As it's a bit too hot by lunchtime that hour or so before lunch looks like my only opportunity to get some exercise at the moment. Wish me luck - and keep your fingers crossed for my drive home today!


  1. That's a horribly long time to be waiting in jams. Not nice at all. Good luck for today.
    J x

  2. Gone are the days people went out for a drive for pleasure now it is just a chore. I used to get sent to Brighton to teach for 30 minutes and it took me 2 hours there and 2 hours back no wonder the health service has no money!!!!