Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The dreaded hay fever....

....has descended. I noticed yesterday I sneezed a few times in the afternoon but I'd forgotten to take an antihistamine so I just shrugged it off and made a note to take it today... But today I am sneezy, sniffly and my eyes are itchy - maybe my antihistamines have expired? Either way it's annoying. My work is in an office in a rural village (as you've seen from the photos) and it's surrounded by fields, scrubland and for want of a better word, meadows.  Unlike most offices these days the windows open, and that's the way they generally are left because of the inadequate air conditioning. So the pollen has free entry into the building... I'm not the only sufferer, the office sounds more like a flu ward today. I guess I'm lucky that it didn't hit on the weekend while I was mowing the lawn.
Aside from the hay fever woes I'm still feeling quite good - a bit tired as I woke up early again this morning. One thing I will give the fattening antidepressants, they were better for promoting sleep than these ones.  A trade-in I'm happy to make for not being constantly hungry / obsessed with food, mind you. Not to mention having no interest in refined carbs even when looking right at them (I'm not kidding myself that will last long). 
And even better, having the energy to train / at least be frustrated when I can't. U didn't today, my plan being to train Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings as well as at least once at the weekend. I had hoped to walk today instead but I admit that I was put off by the hay fever so stayed indoors. And felt frustrated.

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  1. Sounds like things are going a bit better despite the dreaded sneezing.