Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Summer is definitely here now - the wall to wall cloud and drizzle, not to mention the shivery temperatures are all the proof I need...
I actually wanted to walk this morning (as mentioned yesterday, without any cash) because I found a local 'proper' Walk I wanted to try. However masochistic I may be regarding food and diet though, I'm not masochistic enough to try a walk for pleasure if it means spending the morning in damp clothing and with wet hair. So I went into work early instead.
I spent the whole morning going from one meeting to another with no time to be hungry which I suppose is good, or would be if the meetings hadn't been rubbing it in how little I know about the systems here. It's a long time since I had to start from scratch in a company and I'm out of practice!
At lunchtime I stayed in because of the dreary weather. Unfortunately when I don't go out at lunchtime it makes the day seem really long and the number of steps counted by my iPhone pedometer really really low. But I had no cash on me and staying in kept me away from the shops, so it's all good...


  1. Well done.
    I'm sure you will fall into their ways quickly.
    J x

  2. Well done keep up the good work