Friday, 24 June 2016

So tired

Yesterday I left work at 16:15... and got home at 19:00. My journey usually takes about an hour but thanks to an overturned lorry on the M40 yesterday was anything but usual - and after crawling along for 2 hours I was stiff and in pain despite my very comfortable car seat - due to inactivity and tension not to mention boredom.
So I slept badly and woke up aching - and didn't train. Instead I watched the BBC website for the referendum results until it was time to go to work. (Thank god the campaign is finally over and the media can look for something else to bang on about incessantly now)
I did have a little booze last night to unwind when I finally got home, but managed not to eat anything bad. Although I wouldn't have been able to say that if any enterprising snack van had been available when my frustration was at its height. 
Because I got home so late I am grumpy today - it feels as though I had no evening at all and now here I am back at work. So I had a massive battle to resist the urge to comfort myself with baked goods from the bakery of doom. And failed. I plan to add a training session tomorrow as compensation for missing today and keep on track with the food from here on if at all possible - I'm starting to see some movement in the right direction and don't want to completely sabotage myself. 


  1. Sending you strongly resistant vibes and hopes that things have gone well.
    J x

  2. You can do this I have faith in you