Monday, 6 June 2016

Mixed weekend

I had a very inconsistent and mixed weekend. Saturday was good - productive and I was happy. Mainly because, after months of having horribly untidy hair because I wanted to change the style and needed to grow it out first, I finally got it chopped and made tidy and that made me feel good; also after intending to and forgetting to for months I finally joined the library - a small thing but it felt productive.
Then yesterday was lousy. I was depressed and in a lot of pain in my back, neck and shoulder. I spent the whole morning lying on the bed ostensibly reading but mostly feeling glum and dozing off and on. During the day I finally read the patient information leaflet on my new antidepressants (to see if I could blame them for my recent eating problems.) #1 very common side effect was weight gain, with increased appetite right up there as well. But further down the list in the less common effects were back pain and joint pain - which I never even considered could be due to the pills, even though I had no memory of doing anything to my back / neck or shoulder to trigger all the pain I've been trying not to complain about for the last few weeks. So now I'm going back to the doctor Asap - sadly asap is next Monday since its the only day of the week they have extended hours allowing me to get there without missing any work.
Anyway due to all the wallowing I literally didn't leave the house yesterday and totally missed out on the sunshine, which leaves me feeling like I cheated myself somehow. I also grazed for hours and consumed huge numbers of calories and had a beer to take the edge of it all - only one though so I don't feel bad about that.
This morning I was feeling a little bit better but still didn't take a pre-work walk despite the beautiful morning. Who is this person living in my body?


  1. My Sunday was lousy, too. I lounged around way too much, had a few cocktails, and didn't walk. I just felt off all day.

  2. I think the person is someone who is tired of pushing themselves. I am trying to practice being a total slob and not feeling guilty. If I find the answer I will let you know