Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hot and sticky

The weather this morning was typical summer weather - the odd sprinkle of rain showers, warm and humid at the start of the day with the humidity completely unrelieved by the rain....
Once again I didn't walk before work because I forgot to bring my walking shoes / sandals and didn't fancy going far in my office shoes, especially on the cobblestones that make up a few of the lanes around here. Instead I spent an hour and a half trying to get my PC booted up so I guess I'm glad I started that so early.
I decided to try something slightly different for breakfast today. I've been heating soup up at home then eating it at work (it travels in a food flask) so that I won't be ready for lunch by 9:30 (particularly as a sandwich van of temptation comes around at 9:40 ish and another at 12 ish so there's lots of opportunities for mayhem (which I used yesterday :-(.)
This morning I split breakfast and bulked up the satiating protein by having a protein shake at home and soup at work. Lots of fluid too of course, which also factors in to the hunger stakes. So far as I could tell it did take the edge of my hunger when I got to work so that I was left feeling more satisfied by what I brought. As the whey powder is low carb and fat it's also quite low calorie so I should be able to fit it in fairly easily.
Today my project manager kindly scheduled a meeting for my preferred lunch time - 12 to 13:00 - so I'll have to lunch either early or late - hopefully later thanks to the shake but I'll soon find out.
The back still hurts. The pills I'm taking are known to cause 'back pain', 'joint pain' and 'muscle pain' so it's hard to know if it's my ongoing problem or the medicine. So I'm not going to try to do anything about that before I come off the pills and re-evaluate. Given that last year's attempt at physio didn't seem to help I'm not sure what I'd do next anyway - maybe yoga for back pain to strengthen the muscles.

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  1. The protein shake should definitely keep you satisfied a bit longer. Hope the back pain eases up.