Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Head still in the sand

I've had to resort to listening to Classic fm on my phone at work now as the unending referendum talk continues. It works well except that my ears hurt after using the earphones for three or four hours. Still less painful than the ear bashing though.
While ranting yesterday about my depressed state of being I forgot to mention an experiment in the kitchen on Sunday - inspired by Joy I decided to make my own yogurt - using my slow cooker since I don't have a yogurt maker. It didn't thicken very well because I misjudged the amounts of milk to yogurt when converting from American to metric but tastes great so I'm now straining some of it to see if that helps. But I made so much - I may have to eat yogurt every meal for the rest of the week! Amazing how much milk you get in a four pint carton... Well, 4 pints obviously, but it looks like more when you're desperately searching for containers to fill with it. So if anyone would like to suggest their favourite uses of plain natural yogurt I'm all ears!
Apart from that I'm thoroughly sick of work and have decided I really don't like working here. So I'm job hunting again, with no intention of leaving unless I find something else of course. Given that a lot of companies have apparently decided to freeze recruitment since last week it could go either way - either they will postpone / cancel projects and there won't be any work or they'll need contractors for a short term fix. Fingers crossed it's the second, though things have been going so well for me lately I very much doubt that will be the case. 
Sigh. Still, it costs nothing to look...


  1. Glad you liked the yogurt. I eat loads now, mostly with fresh fruit. One of my fave breakfasts is yogurt, fruit and granola *(that's home made too) and of course, you can use it in overnight oats.
    Good luck with the job hunt.
    J x

  2. You can use it to cut the massive calorie values of mayo in dressings or 50 50 it with custard, and dont forget there are loads of curry dishes that need yog