Friday, 10 June 2016

Friday at last

Its amazing how long the week seems with a longer commute added to the working hours (of course because I want to avoid morning rush hour I am generally arriving at work an hour before I need to). Happily yesterday my drive was much smoother and did take only the normal hour - the problem is when I worked on my last long term contract I could be home in 27 minutes most days and I got very used to that extra hour at home (I used to finish at 4 and now finish at 4:30 before commencing the longer commute).
I'm pretty sure that being tired because of the longer hours out of the house during the week contributes to my lack of interest in getting out and about at the weekend. I keep planning long walks on Sunday in particular then spending the morning dozing / cooking / watching TV instead. I'm feeling like changing that this weekend so of course the forecast showed lots of rain last time I looked...
Anyway this morning I forgot to have my shake before work so by the time I reached the office I was starving and wanted nothing but an immediate breakfast - so no walk materialised. I seem to be reaching the heights of self sabotage without even realising it these days! 
As it was a little bit cooler today I did make it out at lunchtime - leaving all my cash and credit cards in the office so I couldn't spend any money if I tried. I just set the timer on my phone for 25 minutes and turned around when it went off - not the most exciting type of walk but it was better than nothing. And as I always do, I feel better for doing it even though it takes so much effort to find the will... It wasn't as much cooler as I hoped so I had to walk at a moderate pace bit still managed just under 3.5 miles. As you can see the scenery wasn't very exciting but it beat walking alongside a busy road...


  1. What a pretty place to walk! I'm still not doing well at exercising...trying hard to get back into it.

  2. Those photos are very attractive. Green is such a restful colour and water can be very calming too. A lovely way to walk.
    J x

  3. No chance of buying anything walking in fields :)