Monday, 20 June 2016

Catch up

This weekend was actually one of the best I've had in ages - not that anything exciting happened, but my mood was better, even though I ate a very naughty lunch yesterday, I had energy to train on Saturday (an embarrassingly short HIIT session but you have to start somewhere) as well as walking to the library, and yesterday I walked 4 miles and mowed the lawn. Part of that 4 miles was me reaching a point in my walk back home where I could take either of two routes and I picked the longer one - just because - something I haven't done for ages.
Even waking up at 2am this morning and failing to get back to sleep didn't bring me down. Even the constant heavy rain hasn't (so far). 
Because of the lack of sleep I considered not training this morning but decided to do it in the hope it would give me an energy boost. And although the rain stopped me walking before work or during my lunchbreak I did want to - which is massively better than the last few weeks when I just wanted to eat at my desk and ignore the outside world (unless I wanted to walk to the Bakery of Doom for binge fodder). And the developer sitting directly behind me brought in birthday cake today - I wasn't even tempted. Even though it had my favourite kind of icing on it.
Feeling better!!!

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