Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Can you overdose on yogurt?

My strained homemade yogurt is incredible and I can't stop eating it. Which is a mixed blessing because for my first experiment I used full fat milk and yogurt. The texture is as good as the commercial stuff and it's slightly less sour so I don't need to add any sweetener. Perfect! I may not get a chance to try any of this lot in any recipes due to the yogurt thief living in my clothes :-) Next batch will be semi skimmed milk I think.
I trained this morning before work and I'm thinking about increasing the frequency of my sessions from Monday, Wednesday, Friday to every week day. At the weekend I can rest if I need to or walk instead - going by how I feel. I also have some dvds to try if I want to do something at the weekend and the British weather is its usual uncooperative self. 
In terms of food I'm eating pretty good quality but still need to look at the quantity. I'm trying Diane's suggestion of weighing less often at the moment and feel a bit unsettled without a way of monitoring what I'm doing, especially as I'm also taking a break from the food diary I usually keep. But at least I feel no desire to binge at the moment. Even though I have a headache. Which has lasted 3 days on and off so far. At lunchtime I had to shop for some veg - of course it was raining. I did the shortest most direct dash from office to greengrocers possible, and wasn't even tempted to go any further than that. Hopefully tomorrow will be better....

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  1. I'm glad you like the yogurt. I love it.
    Diabne's advice about not weighing too often is very sound, I think. AT the moment I don't weigh at all because I tend to get obsessive about it and place to much significance on normal daily fluctuations. I'm going with the fit of my clothes at the moment plus how easily I can run upstairs! :-)
    J x