Saturday, 25 June 2016

A Saturday post!

After work yesterday I managed to stay in control quite well. In fact during the day wasn't as bad as I accused myself of being at one point - I had a sandwich, bag of crisps and slice of fruit tart for lunch. Not diety or particularly sensible choices with someone who has a problem with gluten, but in real terms it was just a large lunch, not a binge.
This morning I got up to train and realised my back was still a problem so I went for a walk instead - and then afterwards walked to the library before the sky clouded over in preparation for the showers predicted this afternoon.

 Just over 9 miles in total and no buying extra food while I was out - so I'm feeling good (and a bit tired).
Thanks for your kind words of support and belief - they helped me back up the slippery slope :-)

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