Thursday, 30 June 2016


I'm in a foul mood today. No particular reason, just hate everything.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Can you overdose on yogurt?

My strained homemade yogurt is incredible and I can't stop eating it. Which is a mixed blessing because for my first experiment I used full fat milk and yogurt. The texture is as good as the commercial stuff and it's slightly less sour so I don't need to add any sweetener. Perfect! I may not get a chance to try any of this lot in any recipes due to the yogurt thief living in my clothes :-) Next batch will be semi skimmed milk I think.
I trained this morning before work and I'm thinking about increasing the frequency of my sessions from Monday, Wednesday, Friday to every week day. At the weekend I can rest if I need to or walk instead - going by how I feel. I also have some dvds to try if I want to do something at the weekend and the British weather is its usual uncooperative self. 
In terms of food I'm eating pretty good quality but still need to look at the quantity. I'm trying Diane's suggestion of weighing less often at the moment and feel a bit unsettled without a way of monitoring what I'm doing, especially as I'm also taking a break from the food diary I usually keep. But at least I feel no desire to binge at the moment. Even though I have a headache. Which has lasted 3 days on and off so far. At lunchtime I had to shop for some veg - of course it was raining. I did the shortest most direct dash from office to greengrocers possible, and wasn't even tempted to go any further than that. Hopefully tomorrow will be better....

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Head still in the sand

I've had to resort to listening to Classic fm on my phone at work now as the unending referendum talk continues. It works well except that my ears hurt after using the earphones for three or four hours. Still less painful than the ear bashing though.
While ranting yesterday about my depressed state of being I forgot to mention an experiment in the kitchen on Sunday - inspired by Joy I decided to make my own yogurt - using my slow cooker since I don't have a yogurt maker. It didn't thicken very well because I misjudged the amounts of milk to yogurt when converting from American to metric but tastes great so I'm now straining some of it to see if that helps. But I made so much - I may have to eat yogurt every meal for the rest of the week! Amazing how much milk you get in a four pint carton... Well, 4 pints obviously, but it looks like more when you're desperately searching for containers to fill with it. So if anyone would like to suggest their favourite uses of plain natural yogurt I'm all ears!
Apart from that I'm thoroughly sick of work and have decided I really don't like working here. So I'm job hunting again, with no intention of leaving unless I find something else of course. Given that a lot of companies have apparently decided to freeze recruitment since last week it could go either way - either they will postpone / cancel projects and there won't be any work or they'll need contractors for a short term fix. Fingers crossed it's the second, though things have been going so well for me lately I very much doubt that will be the case. 
Sigh. Still, it costs nothing to look...

Monday, 27 June 2016

Life is depressing

I binged a bit yesterday - not one of my biggest binges, but probably about as many calories extra as I should have eaten all together all day. I moved on after replacing my usual lunch with the binge, ate a normal dinner and didn't beat myself up over it - although I also chickened out of weighing myself today.
I binged because I'm depressed about all the hatefilled vitriol on social media and all the doom and gloom on the normal media because of last week's referendum. It's amazing how angry so many people are about something that won't happen for years and almost certainly won't be as bad as they are saying even when it does. I can understand concern and nervousness and I'm not exactly happy about the performance of my investments last week, but there's a lot of heat on the Net right now. It seems like the vote, the campaign leading up to it, and the results have really brought out the worst in a lot of people on both sides of the debate and it makes me ashamed to be British / human. I've decided that rather than eating 2000 calories of junk food to make myself feel better I'll just stop reading all the crap until hopefully enough time has passed for people on both sides to rediscover their humanity, or what passes for it. That doesn't mean no blog reading as I don't read political blogs, just no Facebook or news websites. If I bury my head in the sand for a while maybe my ass won't get any bigger than it already is. Plus I'll have much more time to actually do stuff!
Yesterday I walked about 4 miles and then watched The Martian in the afternoon - and really enjoyed it, apart from the time spent mentally listing all the people I'd happily dump on Mars if I could. Definitely recommend it if you haven't already seen it!
This morning I got up and trained despite really not wanting to. I had a five minute argument inside my head about not wanting to, it's just one day, I'll make up for it tomorrow, no you won't, don't risk totally losing momentum, you can skip days once it's become a habit but you shouldn't now unless your body forces it... Eventually the pro-training voice won and I'm glad it did, I think. If nothing else starting the day with a bit of torture kind of sets the right mood for a Monday morning....
On my drive in this morning a rabbit, a squirrel and a magpie all tried to commit suicide under my car but I managed to avoid killing anything. Just as well - if I'd hit any of them I'd still be sitting crying at the side of the road now instead of going to work. 
My how I'm rambling today. Maybe I should just stop :-)

Saturday, 25 June 2016

A Saturday post!

After work yesterday I managed to stay in control quite well. In fact during the day wasn't as bad as I accused myself of being at one point - I had a sandwich, bag of crisps and slice of fruit tart for lunch. Not diety or particularly sensible choices with someone who has a problem with gluten, but in real terms it was just a large lunch, not a binge.
This morning I got up to train and realised my back was still a problem so I went for a walk instead - and then afterwards walked to the library before the sky clouded over in preparation for the showers predicted this afternoon.

 Just over 9 miles in total and no buying extra food while I was out - so I'm feeling good (and a bit tired).
Thanks for your kind words of support and belief - they helped me back up the slippery slope :-)

Friday, 24 June 2016

So tired

Yesterday I left work at 16:15... and got home at 19:00. My journey usually takes about an hour but thanks to an overturned lorry on the M40 yesterday was anything but usual - and after crawling along for 2 hours I was stiff and in pain despite my very comfortable car seat - due to inactivity and tension not to mention boredom.
So I slept badly and woke up aching - and didn't train. Instead I watched the BBC website for the referendum results until it was time to go to work. (Thank god the campaign is finally over and the media can look for something else to bang on about incessantly now)
I did have a little booze last night to unwind when I finally got home, but managed not to eat anything bad. Although I wouldn't have been able to say that if any enterprising snack van had been available when my frustration was at its height. 
Because I got home so late I am grumpy today - it feels as though I had no evening at all and now here I am back at work. So I had a massive battle to resist the urge to comfort myself with baked goods from the bakery of doom. And failed. I plan to add a training session tomorrow as compensation for missing today and keep on track with the food from here on if at all possible - I'm starting to see some movement in the right direction and don't want to completely sabotage myself. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

No walk this morning

I didn't train this morning as per my plan, but I did think I might get an early walk in - until I got up and looked out at the rain anyway. I think I was half aware of thunder in the early hours but I was using a fan which provided some white noise to blank a lot of it out, so it didn't really disturb me, but sadly that didn't make me waterproof so the torrential morning rain kept me indoors. It also made for an interesting drive to work as some of the rural roads I use in Berkshire were flooding nicely and at one point, as I went through a flooded patch at the same time as someone going the other way, I was literally blind for a second or two - I imagine that's how it would look if you drove straight into a river.
I didn't have anything to eat today that I could regret. I'm not losing weight the way I'd like yet but I figure that I probably haven't cleared the mirtrazapine from my body yet and it is apparently related not just to rapid weight gain but also persistence of that weight gain after stopping the drug so I'm trying to get my head around the idea of just taking my time about it and persevering even though it sometimes feels a bit unsuccessful. Like everyone I want fast results and deep down feel that being good for almost a week should be reflected by a massive drop on the scales / clothes size but I'm not (yet) disheartened. Just feeling in control again is enough for me right now! At 12 today I had a meeting and as I wasn't very hungry in the half hour or so leading up to it I decided to leave my lunch until afterwards. Half way through I felt really hungry and for a few minutes considered going into the village for something 'better' than my packed lunch - a sausage roll was top of the temptation list. It took an internal debate that lasted long enough to probably make me look insane to anyone watching the look on my face, but I persuaded / nagged myself into eating the food I'd brought in with me - and then was way too full to want anything else. I'm very very very sure that mental conversation wouldn't have gone that way before I escaped from the fattening pills. Yay me!!! Oh yes, between the meeting at 12 and the hunger / desire for food at 13:00 I didn't have time for a lunchtime walk either. Oh well, the body demands what it needs, and if I'd waited any longer to eat my resolve might have failed me. So I won. Another day another battle but I'm starting to feel like I may be on the winning team now :-)

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


I slept better last night although I still woke up a little bit earlier than I like. As I wasn't so tired as yesterday morning I got up rather than lying there trying to stop the movement of time with the power of my mind; in fact I threw on some training gear and jumped on the climber before I could think myself out of it. And then... I left early for work with the intention of going for a walk before 7. Of course it started drizzling as soon as I hit Buckinghamshire - but it was very light so I went anyway!!! Per my backup plan I left my money in the car and explored a local Nature reserve. Not much to see at this time of the year of course and a bit boggy from all the recent rain, but still...

I didn't make it out again at lunchtime but as my pedometer claimed I'd walked 4 miles by mid morning (including around the house this morning and around the office) I wasn't too worried about that. 
There was a birthday today and I confess I snagged a small snack cake. I wanted to test my reaction to the carbs and it was good - I enjoyed it but it didn't flick the binge switch and the one small piece was enough. I would like to get to a place where I can confidently have the occasional treat and then move on - rather than being too afraid of the binge monster to ever take that first bite. I'm not saying I'm there, it may well have been a one off, but if that's how food sanity feels I liked it :-) Almost as much as I like actually having some energy and motivation...

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The dreaded hay fever....

....has descended. I noticed yesterday I sneezed a few times in the afternoon but I'd forgotten to take an antihistamine so I just shrugged it off and made a note to take it today... But today I am sneezy, sniffly and my eyes are itchy - maybe my antihistamines have expired? Either way it's annoying. My work is in an office in a rural village (as you've seen from the photos) and it's surrounded by fields, scrubland and for want of a better word, meadows.  Unlike most offices these days the windows open, and that's the way they generally are left because of the inadequate air conditioning. So the pollen has free entry into the building... I'm not the only sufferer, the office sounds more like a flu ward today. I guess I'm lucky that it didn't hit on the weekend while I was mowing the lawn.
Aside from the hay fever woes I'm still feeling quite good - a bit tired as I woke up early again this morning. One thing I will give the fattening antidepressants, they were better for promoting sleep than these ones.  A trade-in I'm happy to make for not being constantly hungry / obsessed with food, mind you. Not to mention having no interest in refined carbs even when looking right at them (I'm not kidding myself that will last long). 
And even better, having the energy to train / at least be frustrated when I can't. U didn't today, my plan being to train Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings as well as at least once at the weekend. I had hoped to walk today instead but I admit that I was put off by the hay fever so stayed indoors. And felt frustrated.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Catch up

This weekend was actually one of the best I've had in ages - not that anything exciting happened, but my mood was better, even though I ate a very naughty lunch yesterday, I had energy to train on Saturday (an embarrassingly short HIIT session but you have to start somewhere) as well as walking to the library, and yesterday I walked 4 miles and mowed the lawn. Part of that 4 miles was me reaching a point in my walk back home where I could take either of two routes and I picked the longer one - just because - something I haven't done for ages.
Even waking up at 2am this morning and failing to get back to sleep didn't bring me down. Even the constant heavy rain hasn't (so far). 
Because of the lack of sleep I considered not training this morning but decided to do it in the hope it would give me an energy boost. And although the rain stopped me walking before work or during my lunchbreak I did want to - which is massively better than the last few weeks when I just wanted to eat at my desk and ignore the outside world (unless I wanted to walk to the Bakery of Doom for binge fodder). And the developer sitting directly behind me brought in birthday cake today - I wasn't even tempted. Even though it had my favourite kind of icing on it.
Feeling better!!!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Friday at last

I did not binge today but I did eat too much peanut butter while feeling sorry for myself.
I worked from home today because we had a plumber coming to fix a leak and in addition to my work I did a little exercise, a lot of laundry and some hoovering. I didn't enjoy the day though and I am glad it's over. Me and my grumpiness will leave you in peace now 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Long Thursday

By 10:30 this morning I was ready to go home. Unfortunately I had a meeting starting at 14:30 for 2 hours so I was more than stuck in the office.
Today was a very good day for food - I was almost angelic. I got no exercise at all except up and down the stairs to the kitchen and bathroom. Still, no longer constipated, a day free of cravings, and no side effects so far - so I'll take that!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Halfway through the week

Yesterday turned out pretty mixed after I posted; I did get to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription but thanks to my stellar sense of direction I took a very long way round and by the end of the day my phone pedometer was reporting I'd covered 5 miles (including walking round the building throughout the day). The downside of that is that I didn't expect such a long walk so I didn't change my shoes - which had me limping around the office all afternoon. Also because I have to pay for my prescriptions I couldn't leave my purse behind and I did have a smallish binge - I define it as smallish because I didn't eat until I was in pain, but it was high on the calories and left me too full to bother with dinner.
I've now been constipated for about 4 days, yet another side effect of the old pills. The new ones, which I started last night, are more likely to cause diarrhoea than constipation and while I don't want that I was hoping for a bit of quick relief from the constipation - but alas one pill is clearly not enough for that. 
Today I still have sore feet so no walking with or without money. I'm hoping to have a better day in terms of food though and so far I'm not craving carbs so thats a good sign I think. Especially considering that it's not just a lack of temptation - earlier I went to the kitchen for a cuppa and discovered doughnuts and stuff in there, which just didn't appeal to me at all thank god.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I admit I crumbled before the onslaught of baked goods yesterday and ate far too much - but do did everyone else, so I felt more normal rather than ridiculously out of control - particularly as I then didn't eat anything else yesterday because I wasn't hungry. I think indulging in home baked goodies you can't find in the shops is not as bad as uncontrollably bingeing on the kind of preservative-laden mass produced crap I usually choose anyway.
After work yesterday I walked to the doctor (so I also got a 3.5 mile walk in) and told him that I just couldn't tolerate the side effects of the pills I was on. He was thisclose to putting me back on the Citalopram but I cut that off sharpish by telling him that also caused (slower) weight gain as well as insomnia so he gave me a prescription for yet another new antidepressant. Unfortunately as my appointment was at 18:30 all the in-town pharmacies were closed so I haven't yet been able to pick them up - I plan to go at lunchtime. He assured me they were less likely to cause weight gain so fingers crossed they agree with me :-)
No walk before work due to a persistent heavy drizzle that accompanied me all the way to work. Lunchtime a short walk to the pharmacy is all I'm likely to have time for as most pharmacies I go to seem to constantly assure you it will be two minutes before keeping you waiting at least 15. I realised on the way home from my appointment that the doctor gave me no advice on weaning myself off the current pills this time so I guess I'll try the half dose daily for a week approach he recommended last time.
I've been reading up on the subject this morning and discovered that the appetite increase side effect is so pronounced that this drug is actually prescribed as an appetite stimulant to people who are significantly underweight due to eating disorders!!! It's also well documented as specifically increasing carb cravings! Wonderful choice of drug there doc, thanks a bundle... Something to be aware of if you are offered a prescription for mirtrazapine, guys....

Monday, 13 June 2016

Not fair

The office is full - full!!! Of home-baked cakes today for an intra-office baking competition 

Monday again?!?!?

Another weekend of very mixed moods for me - longer walk (well, two short walks adding up to 5.69 miles) followed by tears and raised voices Saturday, not too bad Sunday despite being trapped indoors by miserable weather (literally didn't leave the house). I spent a lot of the weekend prepping food for this week so I wouldn't have much cooking to follow in the evenings after work. The downside of that productivity is that I feel my whole week - including the weekend - just revolves around work. Three loads of laundry, cooking for the weekend and cooking for the week... (I actually didn't do all I intended to because I just got sick of it after a while, which I will regret by about Wednesday.)  All crammed into 2 days. With some tidying up just by way of light relief. Sigh. I did make it to the library as well at least.
And now I'm back to work again and still feeling unconvinced of my ability to do this damn job.
I didn't binge over the weekend (though I did overeat a little bit yesterday) and drank just a little - nothing I'm worried about. 
Last night was not particularly good for sleep and I woke up - and got up - quite early. Always nice to be tired and foggy brained before the day even gets started. Still, at least the doctors appointment is this evening - something to look forward to (that's a phrase that's never been used before in the history of medicine)
I remembered my protein shake before work so wasn't too hungry this morning for any control. Of course bingeing has very little to do with hunger beyond the trigger so I was still having dangerous thoughts about triggering foods this morning - so once again no walk before work. 
I'm so unmotivated and fed up today - I'd love to comfort myself with a bakery of doom fruit Danish the size of my head but that would push me down the slippery slope so I'm struggling not to....

Friday, 10 June 2016

Friday at last

Its amazing how long the week seems with a longer commute added to the working hours (of course because I want to avoid morning rush hour I am generally arriving at work an hour before I need to). Happily yesterday my drive was much smoother and did take only the normal hour - the problem is when I worked on my last long term contract I could be home in 27 minutes most days and I got very used to that extra hour at home (I used to finish at 4 and now finish at 4:30 before commencing the longer commute).
I'm pretty sure that being tired because of the longer hours out of the house during the week contributes to my lack of interest in getting out and about at the weekend. I keep planning long walks on Sunday in particular then spending the morning dozing / cooking / watching TV instead. I'm feeling like changing that this weekend so of course the forecast showed lots of rain last time I looked...
Anyway this morning I forgot to have my shake before work so by the time I reached the office I was starving and wanted nothing but an immediate breakfast - so no walk materialised. I seem to be reaching the heights of self sabotage without even realising it these days! 
As it was a little bit cooler today I did make it out at lunchtime - leaving all my cash and credit cards in the office so I couldn't spend any money if I tried. I just set the timer on my phone for 25 minutes and turned around when it went off - not the most exciting type of walk but it was better than nothing. And as I always do, I feel better for doing it even though it takes so much effort to find the will... It wasn't as much cooler as I hoped so I had to walk at a moderate pace bit still managed just under 3.5 miles. As you can see the scenery wasn't very exciting but it beat walking alongside a busy road...

Thursday, 9 June 2016


Yesterday went really well food-wise and I do think that the protein shake helped, so I had one again today. 
What didn't go great yesterday was my drive home - fuel to unexplained traffic jams, a JCB that shouldn't have been on the road during rush hour and a torrential rain shower that brought traffic to a standstill it took me an hour and a half to get home yesterday. I was knackered and stressed when I reached the house and had a beer to wind down. Only one though.
Today I stopped being constipated and feel much better as a result. However my back/left shoulder is still very painful and I almost wish I could put on a sling to support the weight of my left arm to ease the pain. I'm counting the days to my doctors appointment on Monday...
I didn't walk before work today but weather permitting hope to do so tomorrow. As it's a bit too hot by lunchtime that hour or so before lunch looks like my only opportunity to get some exercise at the moment. Wish me luck - and keep your fingers crossed for my drive home today!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hot and sticky

The weather this morning was typical summer weather - the odd sprinkle of rain showers, warm and humid at the start of the day with the humidity completely unrelieved by the rain....
Once again I didn't walk before work because I forgot to bring my walking shoes / sandals and didn't fancy going far in my office shoes, especially on the cobblestones that make up a few of the lanes around here. Instead I spent an hour and a half trying to get my PC booted up so I guess I'm glad I started that so early.
I decided to try something slightly different for breakfast today. I've been heating soup up at home then eating it at work (it travels in a food flask) so that I won't be ready for lunch by 9:30 (particularly as a sandwich van of temptation comes around at 9:40 ish and another at 12 ish so there's lots of opportunities for mayhem (which I used yesterday :-(.)
This morning I split breakfast and bulked up the satiating protein by having a protein shake at home and soup at work. Lots of fluid too of course, which also factors in to the hunger stakes. So far as I could tell it did take the edge of my hunger when I got to work so that I was left feeling more satisfied by what I brought. As the whey powder is low carb and fat it's also quite low calorie so I should be able to fit it in fairly easily.
Today my project manager kindly scheduled a meeting for my preferred lunch time - 12 to 13:00 - so I'll have to lunch either early or late - hopefully later thanks to the shake but I'll soon find out.
The back still hurts. The pills I'm taking are known to cause 'back pain', 'joint pain' and 'muscle pain' so it's hard to know if it's my ongoing problem or the medicine. So I'm not going to try to do anything about that before I come off the pills and re-evaluate. Given that last year's attempt at physio didn't seem to help I'm not sure what I'd do next anyway - maybe yoga for back pain to strengthen the muscles.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Work in Progress

I've slightly increased my calorie allowance but yesterday I was still hungry in the evening and ate odds and ends while cooking my dinner. But I twice during the day resisted the urge to buy extra (junk) food for the sake of it so I could have done worse.
I'm still convinced that the extent of recent bingeing and hunger is down to the pills I'm on. Yesterday I looked back through a list of weights I recorded and I've put on over a stone - actually more like a stone and a half - since switching to this antidepressant. I would struggle to gain that much so quickly on a cruise - and cruises are only a short step away from an intravenous glucose drip in terms  of food availability. Generally speaking even with some bingeing I wouldn't have gained half that much in the time.
I have to admit that I'm a bit tempted to just stop taking them like yesterday but I'm resisting even though the weight gain is depressing to the point where it overwhelms the ability of the pill to make me feel better. It does after all help me sleep and that's a side effect I've enjoyed ever since getting them. Plus of course I know there can be horrible effects to going cold turkey from this kind of medication. But it's hard to be patient when I feel like every pill is basically pure fat going straight to my waist / thighs!
My doctor had better be open to changing or I will wean myself off them, since the bingeing feels more unhealthy than the depression. 
Also my back is killing me today and not responding to my normal painkillers. I am not a happy bunny.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Mixed weekend

I had a very inconsistent and mixed weekend. Saturday was good - productive and I was happy. Mainly because, after months of having horribly untidy hair because I wanted to change the style and needed to grow it out first, I finally got it chopped and made tidy and that made me feel good; also after intending to and forgetting to for months I finally joined the library - a small thing but it felt productive.
Then yesterday was lousy. I was depressed and in a lot of pain in my back, neck and shoulder. I spent the whole morning lying on the bed ostensibly reading but mostly feeling glum and dozing off and on. During the day I finally read the patient information leaflet on my new antidepressants (to see if I could blame them for my recent eating problems.) #1 very common side effect was weight gain, with increased appetite right up there as well. But further down the list in the less common effects were back pain and joint pain - which I never even considered could be due to the pills, even though I had no memory of doing anything to my back / neck or shoulder to trigger all the pain I've been trying not to complain about for the last few weeks. So now I'm going back to the doctor Asap - sadly asap is next Monday since its the only day of the week they have extended hours allowing me to get there without missing any work.
Anyway due to all the wallowing I literally didn't leave the house yesterday and totally missed out on the sunshine, which leaves me feeling like I cheated myself somehow. I also grazed for hours and consumed huge numbers of calories and had a beer to take the edge of it all - only one though so I don't feel bad about that.
This morning I was feeling a little bit better but still didn't take a pre-work walk despite the beautiful morning. Who is this person living in my body?

Friday, 3 June 2016


Another week done without getting given notice so I guess I can't complain.
Yesterday evening I went a little overboard with peanut butter. My problem is that I am really hungry by the time I get home and start cooking dinner, so I'm not entirely satisfied by my diet-y dinner - I need to work out a way not to be so hungry especially as I can't get home in under an hour and that's time when I can't eat. I'm not snacking in the afternoon at the moment and maybe I need to, but I'm already struggling to keep within my daily calories so I'm not convinced adding another meal is the best way to go. Dieting sucks. But so does being as big as I am and feeling as blobby, unattractive, unsexy and unfit as I do.

Thursday, 2 June 2016


Another cold grey morning so once again I didn't go far a walk before work. I suppose I should be grateful to the rubbish weather for removing all temptation to leave the building at the moment.
I had a bit of a fright at work this morning. I was brought in to fill the gap left by a tester leaving the company, and due to a change in the fortunes of his new company he is no longer leaving - or not for a couple of months at least. I haven't been told that this will affect my contract but he's worked here for about 7 years and knows the systems backwards so I wouldn't be surprised if I don't end up working here till December as expected. I'll just hope that the job market improves once the votes have been counted in the referendum this month and I can find something more local if this job is cut short. And I will NOT miss the drive home (now I've thought of a silver lining I've just guaranteed it will last 6 months and I'll be offered an extension...)
I didn't go out at lunchtime because I wasn't feeling very satisfied by my diet friendly lunch. I've been trying to remember what sort of things I did at this stage last time I was trying to lose weight as I don't remember being particularly hungry or energetic, but everything I think of isn't practical now - eating massive bowls of all brands for breakfast for instance, pretty much fibre + gluten and it did me no favours in terms of the bathroom... Every time I think of a possible snack or meal I rush to enter it into myfitnesspal for future logging and some of the time it doesn't prove ridiculously calorific / carborific.... How much do you suppose I wish I was better at maintaining? Ah well, I'm only thinking about food roughly 17 hours out of every day...

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Summer is definitely here now - the wall to wall cloud and drizzle, not to mention the shivery temperatures are all the proof I need...
I actually wanted to walk this morning (as mentioned yesterday, without any cash) because I found a local 'proper' Walk I wanted to try. However masochistic I may be regarding food and diet though, I'm not masochistic enough to try a walk for pleasure if it means spending the morning in damp clothing and with wet hair. So I went into work early instead.
I spent the whole morning going from one meeting to another with no time to be hungry which I suppose is good, or would be if the meetings hadn't been rubbing it in how little I know about the systems here. It's a long time since I had to start from scratch in a company and I'm out of practice!
At lunchtime I stayed in because of the dreary weather. Unfortunately when I don't go out at lunchtime it makes the day seem really long and the number of steps counted by my iPhone pedometer really really low. But I had no cash on me and staying in kept me away from the shops, so it's all good...