Monday, 9 May 2016


Today wasn't great TBH. I had been asked not to go into work today - or work from home - because the developers of the system I'm testing were planning some maintenance work that would render the system unavailable for the day (spoiler alert - it didn't happen) so I didn't set me alarm.
I woke up quite late for me but it wasn't because I'd slept through the night, in fact I'd had the worst night since switching antidepressants and felt decidedly groggy.
I dragged myself out of bed, had my coffee, and decided to try something M suggested over the weekend - switching from my normal endurance style training on the climber to an Interval style. Basically getting on the machine, going hell for leather for as long as possible, taking an 'active break' walking / lungeing / squatting my way around the room until my heart stopped pounding, then repeating for 20 minutes.  I wonder why it didn't occur to me that it wasn't a great idea when feeling sub par to start with? Anyway I did it - gave up on the intervals 14 minutes into the show I was watching because I was so knackered, and then strolled down to the post box to send back some movies. After that I felt like CRAP, completely awful.
I didn't have a binge today but I ate way too much over the entire day trying to feel less awful. I was looking for an energy boost more than anything, and I'm actually pleased that I mostly stuck to fat and protein without gorging on refined carbs. (probably only because I didn't have them in the house and lacked the energy to walk anywhere to buy them)
I retired to bed mid morning to try to nap but was too hot and it was too light - I struggle to nap when its daylight.
After lunch I tried again but with no more luck, so I gave up. Instead I mowed the lawn (why does the damn grass - and weeds, especially the weeds - keep growing back? Why can't it take the hint and recognise that I want it short for goodness sake?), made some aioli, prepped some lunch and breakfast foods for the next few days and generally pottered around. Luckily none of it took much concentration or intelligence.
It was around then that I heard that the system maintenance work hadn't gone ahead as planned. So I missed a day that I could have worked - possibly not a bad thing given all the moaning up ahead, at least I wasn't stuck in the office feeling crappy and spending every penny I could find on junk food. (However that will probably now happen another day.)
But I'm not happy with how much I ate. But I didn't have a drink.  Or a proper walk.
I did do some laundry. And register to vote.
My life is so exciting.
And I have to do a Self Assessment. Crap crap crapity crap

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