Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Into the swing

Now that the new job is a little less terrifying I can start to try to get to some kind of routine.
This morning I drove to the office ridiculously early again (I actually arrived at 6:54) and popped in to drop off my bag and use the bathroom before taking a walk. I found a fairly large area of the village I didn't see yesterday including a number of shops that might prove useful as well as a duck pond, and by 8 had already walked nearly 3 miles. Obviously doing that will depend on the weather and also on whether I am able to start (and finish) work earlier once I'm settled in - as much as I enjoyed it it won't trump having the ability to beat the rush hour on the way home.
I popped into the bakery before returning to the office but escaped with only a coffee. So it can be done!

I went out for a second walk at lunchtime giving me a total distance of 5.25 miles and again succeeded in not buying a slice of cake the size of my head (though I was tempted)

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  1. Beautiful photos - what a gorgeous place to work!
    J x