Thursday, 19 May 2016


I had my telephone interview yesterday after work and it seemed to go very well. They had one more interview to do this morning - someone much more junior and less experienced but also, of course, cheaper than me. I should find out what they decided by the end of the day today - there is a risk they'll go for the cheapest option and accept the possible risks involved in doing so.
The project sounded quite challenging which isn't a bad thing, but if I'm offered it I'm not looking forward to the commute much. 
My eating wasn't too bad. I tried on some more professional clothes in case it's a formal office and was very unhappy with the fit of the ones I could get on, so I'm now eating lots of salad in an attempt to quickly produce at least a slight improvement. I haven't had to wear formal clothes to work for a couple of years and I'm afraid I'll have to shop for bigger sizes - which I very much resent for work only. Even when it's my own fault!
Watch this space for further developments...


  1. Glad you are a little brighter good luck with the new job

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed (metaphorically speaking) . . .
    J x