Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I fell asleep yesterday

Before I could post. And slept pretty well too!
Since we last spoke I've been continuing to feel a lot better and haven't binged. I have overeaten as I'm constantly hungry, but at the moment I'm going with it a lot more in an attempt to just get better.
On Saturday I woke up with a splitting headache. Remember when I said my new antidepressant might lead to me waking up 'hungover' when not hungover? Like that. I felt dodgy all day Saturday even after the headache subsided so I barely moved from the bed except to cook and literally didn't leave the house.
On Sunday I walked a short walk but not very far and did some shopping. I tried to watch a movie but it wasn't very gripping so I fell asleep on the sofa (even though it was full of screams and yells, battle scenes and explosions :-) )
Yesterday was a day off mandated by my boss because she felt she had no work for me. It was quite a weird day really. I had a Tesco order delivered just after 9 and spent the rest of the day failing to go for a walk. I did however experiment with a 'paleo' grain free granola (and ate too much of it), watched a movie, did some laundry, posted back some lovefilm movies, mowed the lawn... the grass had put on a growing spurt thanks to the rain last week - I was not impressed, as I was quite happy with its previous pace.  I say happy, but what I really want is a lawn that grows to a high of 3/4 inch then stops growing. But failing that, I was accepting of its previous rate of growth.
I'd been constipated all weekend from the unaccustomed fibre I'd started eating - that changed yesterday.
And then I took my antidepressant and fell asleep without further ado.

Since deciding to change up my focus and my eating plan I've eaten:
lamb mince, beef mince, chicken, pork shoulder steaks, bacon, Greek yoghurt, cashew nuts, almonds and eggs for protein.
asparagus, broccoli, spinach, courgette, onion and mushrooms
fresh melon, dried dates and a few raisins
double cream and peanut butter for fat


  1. Well done sleep is restorative and apparently allows your brain to shed the stuff that gives you alzheimer's. Now here is my latest though I am trying to start each day by saying to myself I choose to be happy.

  2. Good for you. As Diane said, sleep is terribly important for both mental and physical well being. I'm so glad you're feeling happier.
    J x