Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Yesterday wasn't a great day foodwise as I went insane and ate (normal gluteny) white bread with low sugar marmalade on it (twice) as well as far too many nuts (and a sausage roll. And...).
But it never progressed to a binge - I just grazed pretty constantly. So I never caused myself actual pain, which is the thing that worries me most when I do binge. (It's not just physically unhealthy, which is reason enough to not do it, but psychologically too. I wouldn't force feed my greatest enemy so why do I force feed myself?)
I skipped dinner because I wasn't hungry (and had already eaten enough calories for a week) and just got on with things. Which I guess is healthier than a lot of days I've had.
Today I plan to not do anything that stupid. Let's see if it works.
Oh, I had a short walk. And spent quite a lot of time on the phone with an agent who claims to have a contract I'm perfect for but disappeared when it was time to arrange an interview. Maybe he'll be back today, who knows.


  1. I'm no psychologist but you seem to me to be punishing yourself. Ever thought of counselling might be worth a shot. Now tell me to mind my own business 😀