Tuesday, 31 May 2016


If you know me at all you probably guessed that I binged on Friday and didn't want to blog about it again. I swore I'd do better, and on Saturday I did, but then Sunday I overate again without quite bingeing. Then yesterday I weighed myself (sorry Diane!) and was HORRIFIED.... to see exactly the weight I saw when I first started my successful diet about 8 -10 years ago - to the pound. A weight I swore I'd never see again, a weight that motivated me so much that time that I never even stumbled on my diet for months.
So yesterday I was very much better, tracking my food and everything, and today I was nearly 4 lbs lighter - bloody water retention - but the effect of that horrible shock has not worn off. I didn't walk before work today (partly out of fear of the bakery and partly because of the cold windy weather) or at lunchtime, when it was pouring with rain and still windy with it. I deliberately emptied out my purse before leaving home, removing all change that could have been used in the vending machine. And... I am back on the wagon - this time it's personal. And essential as I threw away all my fat clothes years ago and cannot afford a complete new wardrobe. My plan is to avoid temptation by avoiding walks unless I leave my money behind. I won't worry about proper training either to start with since we all know you can't outrun your mouth - and I am prone to feel like I've 'earned' a 'treat' if I exercise. 
Which turns into a feast and then a binge. Training will come later when I adapt to the calorie counted eating. (I wanted my lunch by 10 am today - not the best start)


  1. Go, girl, go - good for you! Great idea to go out without cash. You can do it.
    J x

  2. Well you have proved for yourself that diets don't work in the long term. I know you are very attached to your scales but how about a change of routine and weigh just once a week then you can extend the period, daily weighing is fraught with misery if you weigh after a good day and weight has increased you feel defeated and that can send you off on an eating spree. You do deserve a treat but keep it until Friday then have have a total pig out on good things grilled meat or fish and and enough salad to kill a horse followed by a big sticky danish pastry see if you can hold out until your treat night. Plan for it and look forward to it set the table and sit down to a super supper. Take a big deep breath and start again heading towards the next treat night. I am no expert but I have traveled this road and speak from experience.