Tuesday, 24 May 2016

First day on new job today

My plan to resist bingeing yesterday wasn't entirely successful - I ate binge worthy calories but spread them out over a longer period so it doesn't count as a binge purely semantically. As I was feeling a bit stressed about the new job and the need to buy bigger clothes I'm not hammering myself as much as I often do. Particularly as I also took 3 walks adding up to a satisfactory 7+ miles.
This morning I was intending to leave for work around 7 and then take a walk until 9 for my first day. Of course I left early out of nerves and the journey went very smoothly so I arrived at the office at 7:25!!! I chickened out of the early walk because it occurred to me I might get back to find my car had been clamped or something as I didn't know if I was parking in the right place - so I ate breakfast in the car and read a book on my phone for an hour then needed the bathroom so I went in still early.
Everyone seems nice but as always there's a steep learning curve as the guy I'm taking over from is only working 5 more days so I have only that long to pick his brains.
The weather was quite nice so I did go out on an exploratory walk at lunchtime. It's a pleasant little village, possibly not large enough to offer varied walks, but who can argue with thatched cottages?

Tragically there is a bakery which I accidentally sampled to celebrate surviving my first morning....