Thursday, 5 May 2016

Day 3

Today got off to a better start when I weighed in at 3 lbs less than yesterday - validating my belief that water retention played a part in yesterday's horror. The figure today is still horrible but by comparison a bit of a relief. Then I got dressed (in a skirt I wore quite often on my last contract) and was depressed all over again by the tighter fit. Not surprising but still not pleasant.
But what a lovely day it was - with real summery temperatures.
I managed - despite working a full day - to walk 6 miles! SIX MILES!
I went out at lunchtime and walked through a local park

Then after work just popped to Tesco, which was much less beautiful but still good. I wore shorts and a t-shirt! (Sadly the shorts were too tight :-( )
My food today was good but not quite perfect and I had one sip of white wine - just tasting some of M's wine. I feel good. If fat.

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  1. SIx miles is fantastic - well done!
    J x