Monday, 2 May 2016


On Thursday I binged until I was in physical pain and felt nauseous.
Friday I.... binged again, though not as badly.
Saturday I overate and Sunday I overate... I'm so annoyed with myself. And ashamed of myself.
Today I did not binge or overeat significantly.
On Saturday I walked 5 miles, the other days only 2 or 3.
There is one piece of better news. I have been sleeping so much better the last few nights it is just amazing - and I haven't so far woken up feeling hungover so that is a relief. I don't know if it will last but right now I'm ready to get back on the diet.


  1. Glad you're sleeping better - and you are still getting some nice long walks. Way to go!

  2. Like Rachel, I am glad the sleep patterns are improving. Good luck with starting the diet again.
    J x