Saturday, 16 April 2016

Seven days

And the anxious-desire-to-binge feeling wore off overnight while I was managing to actually get some sleep.

I couldn't go for a proper walk today because I was expecting a delivery (something I didn't want to miss and have to collect or wait for) and all I was told was that it was out for delivery 'today' - not even morning or afternoon. So of course it was afternoon, but if I'd gone out in the morning it would definitely have come then.

I didn't train because I have a rash at the moment that seems to be exacerbated by sweating (the salt I would guess?) so today was a very idle day indeed. Possibly just what I needed. Although a friend of mine is currently running in the Marathon des Sables and he might justifiably think that I'm whinging about nothing if he wasn't running through the Sahara desert right now. He makes me feel inadequate...


  1. It's all relative, isn't it.
    I hate the 'out for delivery' thing. Pretending to give us useful, helpful info and, in fact, doing nothing of the kind.
    Hoping the rash isn't too bad. Could it be related to the stings?
    J x

  2. Sometimes a day of idleness is just what you need.