Tuesday, 5 April 2016

OK, bored now

Still no action on the job front. That's all I'm going to say about that.
I didn't train today as I don't want to overdo things at the start but I did go for quite a nice walk - about 5 miles. It was sunny, mild and spring like for a change although I was caught in a very light shower right before I got home. I found some woods to explore but they were too boggy today so I'll just have to remember them until the ground dries out.
After lunch I considered going back out but my conscience spoke up reminding me I had a house clean to do so I did the upstairs today and will do the downstairs tomorrow. Using the Dyson - one of my many least favourite jobs in housework - always makes my back ache a little bit so instead of going back out I just rested it afterwards because I want to be able to train again tomorrow.
I'm struggling with the diet at the moment. I'm hungry all the time and trying to find acceptable foods to eat within my calories isn't as easy as I'd hoped. I didn't mention it but I reintroduced veg - and I'm starting to wonder if that was a bad idea as when sticking to the zero carb thing I was rarely hungry and didn't need to snack which obviously made dieting easier. However I'm enjoying the veg at the moment so I'll give it a bit longer to see if my appetite settles down.

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