Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Four days

Still not bingeing or eating anything outside my plan (that is, any foods outside my plan. I was hungry today and chose to eat more of the good stuff to reduce the chance of doing something I'd regret)
Because I'm getting back into the diet after being truly appalling last week I'm not sure what my weight is - I couldn't face the scales for far too long. I'm also lacking energy (which is probably as much due to sleep issues as food issues) so I'm not training yet either. But I did manage to walk 5 miles today in the glorious sunshine - it felt like spring is finally here!

The chimney in the distance is a replica built as a reminder of a local brick factory that went out of business decades ago. I think it's a wonderful silhouette on a sunny day :-)


  1. Walking five miles when you're lacking energy sound pretty fab to me!
    J x

  2. Congrats on sticking to your plan and getting a nice, long walk in!