Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Five days

What a beautiful morning it was today - bright sunshine, no wind to speak of, warm enough to go bare armed by lunchtime. That last bit wasn't necessarily a good thing for reasons that will become clear shortly...

I decided to push myself today and aimed for 8 miles. I was exploring - my usual approach to exploring involves strolling along, thinking "I wonder what's down that road / footpath  / track" and then finding out while having no clue where I am in the bigger picture sense. I like it, and it often works. As you can see above I found one of the more rural bits of Berkshire and, and, and... I saw a deer!!! It saw me too and bounded away before I could even remember I had my phone let alone take a picture. Still lovely to see, it put a huge smile on my face :-)

And then I slipped in some mud and put my right hand and forearm down in a nettle patch and here's why I regretted taking my jacket off because ouch ouch I was on fire from the elbow to the fingertips. It almost brought tears to my eyes. And not a dock leaf to be seen. One or two nettle stings are nothing but that was... unpleasant. And my arm still stings / tingles / burns a bit now.
I still managed my 8 miles quite happily and didn't stop off on the way to buy any carbs or junk food of any kind so did not binge again. Yay me. Also no booze. Didn't even think about it till now.

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  1. Ouch - that sounds extremely unpleasant. Where's the anti histamine when you want it?
    J x