Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Eleven happy days

Not only no binge today but no desire to either!
I went to visit my Mum and her OH for the day, making the most of yet another day off work. (Don't ask, OK?)
I got there ridiculously early as I always do whenever I go anywhere and we chatted until rush hour was over before going to Malmesbury for a wander around. They'd been there before years ago, I'd never been and you know how much I love visiting new towns. It's a beautiful market town with lots of really old buildings including the partially ruined medieval Malmesbury Abbey. There was even some sunshine although it was mostly overcast. It was thoroughly lovely - peaceful and relaxing.

After enjoying a leisurely stroll around the town and a very good cappuccino we headed off for lunch at a pub restaurant near their home. I had a burger topped with bacon and brie - didn't eat the bun but did eat the chips it came with. Then it was back to the house to chat for a couple more hours before it was time to leave so that I could beat the rush hour traffic. 
The only thing I missed today was the opportunity for a proper walk. To be honest, I don't mind that a bit! 
Oh, no booze today either. I admit I did some drinking over the weekend but today - no desire, no temptation :-)


  1. Lovely, lovely photos.
    J x

  2. Congrats on continuing to avoid the binges! That looks like a great day to explore. Lovely photos.