Wednesday, 27 April 2016

All change

I managed to get my appointment yesterday morning and the doctor actually listened which was nice. By the time I left I had a prescription for a different antidepressant that supposedly should help me sleep (there is a chance I could wake up in the morning feeling hungover though - guess if I'm hoping that doesn't happen) and also a prescription for the pill - I'm going to get my implant removed at some point since it has some rather unpleasant side effects. For the next week I'll be on a half dose of Citalopram and a full dose of the new one, while also having both a contraceptive implant and taking the mini pill. It is possible that I will be freaking insane for the next week with all that lot in my body - I already warned M about that :-)
Also yesterday I was expecting a delivery between 9 and 10. I received a text at 10:10 saying that they'd attempted delivery and left a card because no one was home. Not true obviously. I was spitting mad because I'd been pacing around the house for that hour, needing the bathroom but avoiding going in case I missed the delivery. So I went through the motions of checking online and phoning up about it and then eventually got an system saying it had been taken to a post office about 1.4 miles away. I went to my appointment, walked home for lunch, walked to the post office, collected my parcel, walked home, and then mowed the lawn before it could rain. Just writing that tires me out today - doing it completely knackered me yesterday. It was about 7 miles in total and of course it was following another lousy night - so I was no good to anyone after that. (This morning I found the failed delivery card - I'm pretty sure they left it at the wrong house and a neighbour brought it round last night.)
I confess that I ate some crappy refined carbs while walking back from the post office for some quick energy - but happily it didn't develop into a binge. 
All things considered I'm feeling reasonably optimistic today - hopefully that will last!

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  1. It does sounds a bit better. Fingers crossed it continues to improve.
    J xxx